Payouts are tabulated each week in a statement, simply request payment and it will sent to you electronically via Paypal payouts. You get an allocated payment on a reservation when it has been successfully completed.

Since the DIBS Host sets the price, you can raise or lower depending on times of the week, or for special events.

You have full flexibility to schedule rental times, (both by date range and by recurring time/day), so that renters cannot book your spaces during those times.

You can… but it is not allowed. You need to have rights to host the space or your neighbor will sue you. (sorry).

If you want to Host a space that comes with a car wash, or the use of a bicycle, feel free to include that in the description. You have the power to do what you want with DIBS.

Spaces available on DIBS can be in private driveways, yards, business lots, garages, etc.  When you reserve a space, DIBS provides you with turn by turn directions to get you there.  When you get to your location, you will see details about the space including GSP location, a picture and description so you know exactly where to park.

The DIBS Host sets the price of the space. When searching for a space, the pins on the map will show you the hourly rate of spaces available during your selected time.

If your parking experience is unsatisfactory in any way, you can report it to the host via the app. If the space is unusable, you will be 100% refunded and your next space will be discounted. All spaces are reviewed.

When close to your destination, you can claim DIBS on an available space.  We’ll provide directions and once you get there, you can proceed with the reservation.  Using the DIBS feature holds your space for 10 minutes at no charge.

It’s free! You can list as many spaces as you have available at no cost.

Tell more about DIBS:

What are the fees?

There are no fees for renters.  Hosts receive 80% of the space fee.  (That’s it). DIBS pays for all credit card fees and promotional discounts.

Does DIBS work for anything besides parking spaces?

DIBS is a rental empowerment platform. You can Host a parking space that comes with a car wash, a bicycle rental or a gourmet meal. DIBS can be also used to rent a bicycle, a boat or a mooring, so you have a place to keep the boat. If you can think of it, DIBS can support it.

What if there’s a problem?

DIBS acts as an intermediary between hosts and guests.  We’ll help to resolve any processing issues, and facilitate communications so you can sort things out.

DIBS is going to change my world, where have you been all my life?

Good software development is a painstaking process. DIBS has been in design since late 2015. DIBS is designed to be a solid and easy to use extensible platform.