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Reserve and host spaces with a simple yet powerful DIBS Rental Platform!
DIBS is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web.


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Park with DIBS

DIBS Rental Platform is the most complete solution for your parking needs. You do not have to waste time driving around looking for a space or come back to a parking ticket stuck to the window. Plan ahead or claim a space on the go using DIBS.

Claim DIBS on an available space and we’ll hold it for you for 10 minutes so you can get there and complete the reservation from your car once you’re parked. Our mobile application provides full control of your parking reservation and even has a handy timer to help you avoid tickets.

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Host with DIBS

The DIBS Rental Platform allows anyone to earn money by hosting their own spaces. Tell us where you space is and when it's available and we handle the rest. Our powerful scheduling platform automatically manages your spaces within their available times, earning you money effortlessly.

DIBS is the fastest and most convenient platform for parking using a mobile phone or web browser. DIBS mobile apps provide a simple interface, and the web platform enables power users to specify available schedule, as well as variable pricing rules. It works in thousands of cities and allows you to reserve a space ahead of time or find one at the last minute.


About DIBS

DIBS is a company whose strategy is based on technological innovation. We wanted to create a platform, which would provide an opportunity for anyone to earn money by renting out their parking spaces. It had to be easy for both hosts and renters, work around your schedule, and more importantly solve a real world problem. Driving around looking for parking in busy cities, near beaches and stadiums, or even special events is not only frustrating, but causes big traffic problems. So download DIBS, host and rent your parking spaces, earn money and avoid frustration!

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  • Rent with DIBS!
    The DIBS platform allows you to easily find available parking and to instantaneously reserve it. Claim DIBS while on the go to have a space held for 10 minutes, giving you time to get to your destination before completing the reservation.
  • Reserve with DIBS!
    Going to a concert? Attending a festival? An important business meeting? Reserve a parking space ahead of time so you don't have to search when you get there.
  • Host with DIBS!
    Anyone can host a parking space on their property to effortlessly earn money on an unused space. Our scheduling platform allows you to say where and when your spaces are available. Control your own prices, and even adjust prices for special events.
  • Stay assured with DIBS!
    Is someone parked in your space? Report an offender, get your money back and you will be given a discount for your next reservation with DIBS.
  • Testimonial
    DIBS has been a great help. Your service is fantastic. I'm so glad I chose DIBS for my parking needs! The App is fantastic!
    Aggie GrabowskaDIBS user
  • Testimonial
    DIBS is awesome. I went into town on a busy afternoon, DIBS saved my day!
    John CowellDIBS user
  • Testimonial
    DIBS is easy to use. I posted a space in minutes.  It's the best!
    Steve ParksDIBS user/host